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Il Presepio di Mosaico

New Video 2022

The Crib Made of Mosaic

In December and January a crib, unique in the world, enriches the Cathedral Square in Spilimbergo, in the north east of Italy. It is composed of 30 life-size figures covered on both sides with the splendor of golden and coloured glass mosaic glazes.

November 27th 2022 - February 5th 2023
Come and discover this year's 16 new figures.

Inauguration video 2022

il Presepio

The Crib

The project “Il Presepio di Mosaico” has been developed by the Association Cultura Imago Musiva, which every year adds new figures thanks to the help of benefactors, involving in the mosaic making process both established craftsmen and young mosaicists.

An artistic will is to realize numerous figures, whose sketches have already been designed by Alessandro Serena, to be seen front and , defined with coherent matching to suggest realistic tridimensional shapes.

A unique experiment has been the use of coloured transparent glazes on opaque and transparent different materials to involve light with its unexpected reflections and refractions. The robes, the faces and the richness of colours that recall the Renaissance ways of art, also aim to a timeless classicism. The extraordinary mosaic technique and expressiveness shows the essence of sacredness. It elevates the mind and spirit, and suggests beauty, which is God’s language and the maximum aspiration of men.

This crib renews a historical cultural identity, and realizes a wonderful scenography to offer everyone peace and happiness, and to warm every heart with enchantment and poetry.

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Exhibition authorized by the Soprintendenza archeologia, belle arti e paesaggio del Friuli Venezia Giulia, and surveyed by the MiC.

Development, implementation and promotion of the project IL PRESEPIO DI MOSAICO by the Association Cultura Imago Musiva.

Project conceived and coordinated by Michelangelo Serena.

Direction, sketches and artwork by Alessandro Serena.

Executions of mosaics by:
Cristina Cancian, Michelangelo Serena, Alessandro Serena, Gianpietro Bisaro, Alice Pecile, Linda Vincentelli, Travisanutto Mosaici, Valeria Manzo, Andrea Giulia Paliaga, Mosaici Moruzzi, Sandro Cassan, Ivana Monasso, Kseniya Khalyavko, Rino Pastorutti, Isabella Petrangeli, Marzia Canzian, Chiara Platolino, Gabriele La Sala, Clementina Manzo, Mosaico 3M, Simona Di Maio, Denise Toson, Yuyu Ge, Marta Matyla, Malgorzata Matyla, Chiara Lovo, Beatrice Tagliapietra, Viviana Mora Strohmenger, Nocola Chiavotto, Silvia Biancolino, Friul Mosaic, William Bertoia, Elenalucia Maggioletti, Umberto Pepe, Giulia Zanette.

Michelangelo Serena, Giovanni De Mezzo, Chiara Tavella, Davide Cancian, Luca Pellegrini, Giovanna Raengo Czander, Cristina Fontanin, Francesco, Laura, Luisa, Paola e Alessandra Raengo, Rosangela Serena, Francesca Tavella, Luca L., Luciana Concina, Alessandra Sech, Alessandra Peres, Marta Amistani, Angela Maria Vallegiani, Rosellina Cassin, Armando Zecchinon, Ubaldo Giacomello, Marilena Sovran, Fernanda Cappello, Carlotta Leporati, Carla Brovedani, Moira M., Guido e Francesca Poli di Spilimbergo, Gaetano Vinciguerra, Luca Zomero, Alessio Rossi, Luca Carlucci, Andrea Della Rosa, Fabrizio Travisanutto, famiglia Luigi Serena, Duilio e Livia Sina, Robert Trento, Irene Pellegrini, Jacopo Sedran, Roberto Sedran, Marco Dreosto, famiglia Pilloni Schoenborn, Marco Campardo, Osvaldo Cossutta, Carla Mansutti e Paolo Tolusso, famiglia Eugenio Martin, Giorgio Caregnato, Cristina Tulissi, Francesca T., Gianpiero De Stefano.

il Presepio

The 'Mosaic, Sacred Art and Literature' Conference

On 27 May 2022, the cultural association Imago Musiva organised the conference 'Mosaic, Sacred Art and Literature' in Spilimbergo for the 100th anniversary of the Friuli Mosaic School.

All the important speeches have been collected in the publication published with the Libreria Al Segno in Pordenone, also selecting photographs of great mosaic works created by the most important workshops in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region over the last 30 years, and what we have seen is truly fascinating.

The aim was to propose a broad thematic reflection to recover and renew the dialogue between mosaics and the Christian religion. A relationship that was happy and effective once upon a time and is still struggling to find success in the contemporary world. And it does not seem to be just a matter of cost. The cultural density and the preciousness of the aesthetic offer that that patient, meditated, intelligent mosaic work of man can bestow in a lasting way, are extraordinarily suited to the encounter with the Sacred. If it is poetry, beauty, and art that help us overcome the existential physical datum, then mosaic is the principal mediator in Sacred Art.

Book available on request by e-mail to

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